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Dionne L. Edwards, Founder

BOSSI Retreats is a women’s wellness company inspiring women to become the best version of themselves through the power of wellness and self-care. Our goal is to help professional women stop trading their wellness for success by providing the tools needed to develop their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being while also providing a safe space to do so through curation of our luxe wellness retreats.

We inspire, uplift and elevate our boss ladies through the BOSSI Tribe community, wellness workshops, financial empowerment, self-development and more.

Our founder, owner and managing director spent her entire career working in Corporate America trying to find work-life balance while building a successful career in Corporate Real Estate, all while being a wife and raising a family. After a devastating health scare, she realized that she had been trading her wellness for success and not prioritizing her self-care. While sharing her story she discovered so many other women who were experiencing the same struggle and she vowed to help using her story, platform and experience to educate professional working BOSS(I) women on how to prioritize their wellness and not feel guilty about doing so.

Join us as we REDEFINE rest and relaxation by intentionally becoming the BEST version of
ourselves…well-rested and ALL.

Check out our featured stories in Voyage ATL and Shout Out Arizona.

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